Saturday, 14 October 2017

Apple prepares a foldable iPhone?

  • FUTUR - The giant Cupertino has just filed a patent that explains how it would produce smartphones or tablets with collapsible screen, while Samsung could soon unveil its own.
  • The idea of a foldable iPhone starts taking ... thick. In a patent filed this week, Apple sketches and explains in detail how it would produce a foldable screen, an innovative hinge system that would make a machine that would resist openings / closures.
  • The idea of the smartphone or the folding tablet is not new, the problem is precisely to produce a machine that goes beyond the prototype, practical enough to be really usable, and enough resistant to be put into all hands. Of all the prototypes, often Korean, in all the videos published until then, one sees devices necessarily attractive, when the screen allows for example to unfold. But apparatuses of which one feels that they would not resist the first fall.
  • The other urgency for Apple is competition. We know that Samsung has in its cartons a future Galaxy Note 9 foldable. In the designs imagined by some Internet users, we see this great smartphone which by unfolding would become a full 7-inch tablet. The apparatus would already be ready, in its final form, so we should soon hear about it, perhaps even before the end of the year.
  • However, it is hard to believe that Apple is pulling out its foldable iPhone soon. We've already told you a thousand times, at Apple we wait for the technologies to be ready, we wait to be able to make something of marker, we wait also that the market and the user are ready. Just see how long Apple took before adopting the wireless charging to understand that its schedule has a rhythm of its own. And then, do not forget, at Apple, a patent does not advertise a product, just possibly, the possibility of a product.
  • Otherwise, Apple's automotive air conditioning system, Apple's flexible screen strap, the 3D printer that produces Apple's colorful objects, would still be waiting to discover the new protective panel would automatically deploy in front of the iPhone screen in case of a fall, not to mention a new interactive interface with 3D holograms. Over the past year, Apple has been awarded more than 2,000 patents of all kinds. So many reasons not to excite too quickly.
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