Saturday, 14 October 2017

Apple's big boss, Tim Cook, says it's better to learn how to code!

  • Tim Cook made his first appearance on French territory last February, when he was in Marseille but also in Paris, where he met personalities such as instagram photographer Jean-Claude Luong and the public in different Apple Store. Back again, the CEO of the apple company went to Caen to visit the start-up specializing in facial recognition that helped design Face ID.

Apple: code is more important than English
  • During this visit, the leader of the firm said that today it is more important to learn to code than to learn English. The era where programming was seen as a discipline of Geek is over. Now, the code is everywhere, during his interview with Konbini, the leader said that learning programming allows young people to reach more territories. Apple has always been committed to educating young people about computer code. For example, the firm helped develop a number of tools to teach youth programming, such as Swift Playground and the toy company Tynker.
  • It is clear that programming is a skill that will have to be acquired in the years to come. Barack Obama shares the opinion of the Cupertino firm, he himself mentioned the desire to deploy programming as a compulsory subject. What is precisely the case in some high schools in the United States, or the computer code is a compulsory subject for obtaining his diploma. A great initiative, which we hope will spread!
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