Monday, 2 October 2017

iPhone 8 Plus vs. Note 8: A Comparison of Video Performance Turns to the Benefit of the iPhone

  • The iPhone 8 Plus and the Galaxy Note 8 are out and the "serious" comparisons are starting to appear on the web; after the glowing test of DxOMark, the CNET site has sifted through the video performances of the two mobiles, the latter being tested in automatic exposure mode. And the conclusion of the site is similar to that of DxOMark: despite its optics with higher apertures - f / 1.7 (wide angle), f / 2.4 (telephoto) for Note 8 and f / 1.8 (wide-angle), f / 2.8 (telephoto) for the iPhone 8 Plus - the results are clearly in favor of the latest iPhone.

The reflections of the sun on the young woman's face disappeared on Note 8 (left) video, not to mention a rather dull overall appearance, and a more limited range of colors displayed.

Artefacts appear on the video of Note 8 (left) and there again everything is passed to the "pale filter"; the details in the foliage are more easily visible on the video of the iPhone 8 Plus.

  • The videos captured by Note 8 thus lack dynamics and seem like retouched by a filter of pallor that removes any impact to HDR processing. The colors also suffer from this very dull treatment (less variations of hues displayed) and artefacts appear under more difficult lighting conditions. Even the night videos turn to the advantage of the iPhone despite the openness of the Optics Note 8! Regarding the fluidity of the video, the iPhone 8 Plus can still capture 4K videos in 60 frames per second, compared to 30 frames per second (4K always) on Note 8. The mass is said for the testers of CNET, for which the only real advantages of Note 8 are better stabilization (OIS on both photo sensors) and better stereo sound. But that's all.

It is marked on the picture: more contrast on the video "selfie" of the iPhone 8, and a wide range of colors displayed far more extensive.
  • The analysis of the videos "selfies" leads to the same observation; despite its 8MP f / 1.7 sensor (compared to 7 MPx and f / 1.8 for the iPhone 8 Plus), the videos captured with the front camera of the iPhone 8 Plus display much more faithful colors and much better general contrast; again the rendering of Note 8 appears almost washed out. CNET remains very "diplomatic" in its final conclusion, believing that both devices provide excellent videos for smartphones; but the site reminds one last time that the only advantages of Note 8 are better image stabilization during zooms and better stereo sound, or elements that do not directly affect the quality of the rendering of the image.
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