Monday, 2 October 2017

iPhone X: The TrueDepth system for Face ID is more than 2 years ahead of the competition, says Kuo

  • The iPhone X embeds TrueDepth, a system that brings together cameras and sensors to include facial recognition Face ID. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, this system is two and a half years ahead of the competition on Android.
  • The analyst, who is known for his good predictions about Apple, notes that he was already confident before Apple's keynote thanks to its various sources still well informed and is more so today. Face ID makes an in-depth analysis of the face of the user, works in the dark and gathers two analyzes to know if the analyzed face is the right one: infrared camera and a sensor that projects more than 30,000 invisible points on the face.
  • What does the competition do? Samsung and others use a 2D face recognition system. This means that facial recognition can be deceived by a simple picture of the user. Samsung has been fingered on the subject, both on the Galaxy S8 and on the Galaxy Note 8. At Apple, it is assured that this practice is not possible because the face is analyzed in depth.
  • Regarding the iPhone X sales, Ming-Chi Kuo targets 40 million copies in 2017, compared with 30-35 million previously. See now if Apple will have enough stocks to satisfy everyone in the weeks following the marketing. As a reminder, the iPhone X arrives on November 3 with pre-orders launched on October 27.
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