Monday, 2 October 2017

More than half of potential iPhone X buyers would choose the most expensive model

  • This may not cause Apple to make pricing efforts; a study conducted by RBC Capital Markets shows that out of 832 people polled (in the United States), 28% declare they want to buy the next iPhone X while 37% would rather devolve on the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus (20% for the iPhone 8 and 17% for the iPhone 8 Plus); the remaining 35% would be satisfied with older models (iPhone 7, 7 Plus or 6s).
According to the same study by RBC Capital Markets, future buyers of the iPhone X are primarily interested in wireless recharging (46%), even before Face ID (24%), new design (14%) or functions AR (9%)

  • If we look at the only proportion of people who are interested in the new iPhone (iPhone 8 and X), the iPhone X then represents no less than 43% of "desires to buy". More interesting, and which is likely to reinforce Apple in its pricing strategy, this study tells us that 57% of those who want to buy the future iPhone X wish to buy the most expensive model, the one with 256 GB of capacity storage. Remember that this model will be billed in France at around 1350 euros. What to "satelliser" the benefits of Apple 
  • With these impressive numbers, RBC Capital Markets is extremely confident about the commercial success of the iPhone X and pushes its AAPL price forecast to $ 180. Is the iPhone X going to allow Apple to cross the $ 1000 billion capitalization? It's not (more) unthinkable ... The pre-orders of iPhone X will start on October 27th and in the best case (the best-of-cases) the first deliveries will take place Friday, November 3rd.
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