Saturday, 14 October 2017

With the 4G, is Apple Watch finally useful?

  • so it will take three years for the Apple Watch to cut the cord with the iPhone. More powerful and faster, Apple's new connected watch is now available in a 4G version. Available from 449 euros, it contains an eSim, an integrated SIM card that allows it to communicate using cellular networks without the need to go through an iPhone.

  • Independence under certain conditions. To activate it, you must subscribe to an option billed 5 euros per month offered exclusively by Orange at the moment. But the other operators should also propose it in a few months.
Cut the bridges with the iPhone

  • Released from the iPhone, the Apple Watch becomes a true stand-alone watch. No need to take your phone for jogging or shopping. As soon as the watch is too far from the iPhone, the 4G takes over to send and receive SMS; make calls (with headphones or a Bluetooth headset) or do GPS. This fall, an update will allow streaming music via Apple Music.
  • By distancing itself from the iPhone, the Apple Watch changes the report to notifications. The watch vibrates discreetly on the wrist and retains less attention than the pushes that pop up on the screen of a smartphone. It is easier to postpone the consultation of an alert or the reply to a message. The most connected will be surprised to no longer be screwed without stopping on the screen of their phone.

Without loss of autonomy
  • The Apple Watch is also gaining momentum. Thanks to the new S3 chip, the watch is more responsive. The loading times are reduced and the questions asked to Siri are processed more quickly. The Apple wizard is simpler to use and more efficient to launch an application, make a call or give the weather.
  • To preserve the autonomy of the watch, Apple Watch connects first to the iPhone, then to WiFi and ultimately to the 4G network. With reasonable use, it holds largely two days away from its magnetic charger. In 4G call, on the other hand, it takes only one hour to put it flat.
  • No change in design, the Apple Watch is still available in two versions with an aluminum square box of 38 or 42 mm. To distinguish the 4G models from the others, the side wheel is covered with red. Some new bracelets are appearing, sold at the price of 59 euros.

An always high price
  • For the rest, the Watch wins new sports functions. The arrival of an altimeter offers a more accurate follow-up of the exercises carried out with unevenness and the Activities application can now manage several sports in succession during the same session. On the health side, an application continuously measures the heart rate and triggers an alert if it is too high.
  • In the end, by emancipating the iPhone, the Apple Watch Series 3 makes a real leap forward. The 4G offers it more flexibility without losing too much autonomy. The price remains high (449 euros and a package at 5 euros per month) for an accessory but it is without a doubt the most complete watch on the market. Too bad that the 4G option is reserved for Orange customers for now and that it does not work while roaming, Apple wanting to avoid the nasty surprises to the billing.
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