Monday, 2 April 2018

Mac: Apple would abandon Intel processors for his own by 2020

  • Apple already uses its own processors in the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Bloomberg announced today that the manufacturer will do the same on its Mac from 2020, to the point of completely abandoning Intel.
  • The project, which is code-named Kalamata in-house, is still in the development phase and is far from complete. Still, Apple would be confident enough to put it in place in two years. Apple officials have, in any case, agreed, reports Bloomberg.
  • This announcement is big for both Apple and Intel. Apple sells tens of millions of Macs every year, all without exception Intel processors. The chip maker will see its sales significantly reduce by 2020, which will play on his finances. For Apple, using its own ARM processors will be an opportunity to further optimize the performance of Macs.
  • Following the news of the day, Intel fell on the stock market by 8.65%. Markets are worried because Apple is a big customer of Intel since 2005, when Apple announced its gradual transition to Intel. The scenario for using home processors should be similar, Bloomberg is talking about a "multi-step transition".

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